The Ministry of Ushers, also called Greeters or Ministers of Hospitality, is the oldest ministry in the Church. Their focus is to create a climate of genuine Christian hospitality for everyone who attends the liturgies.  Contact the parish office 405.634.2458 if you are interested in participating in this ministry.


The name "server" identifies their role at Mass - to serve God and his people by helping the priest and the assembly in their worship and celebration of the Mass. They carry the cross, candles, and censer.  They assist the priest and deacon at the altar as needed.

Adults and children in grades fourth and older are invited to participate in this ministry.  In addition to being in at least the fourth grade, children must have made their First Holy Communion.  Contact the parish office 405.634.5673 for the next training date.

Minister of Communion

Ministers of Communion distribute Holy Communion at the Masses and take Holy Communion to home bound parishioners.  Ministers must be practicing Catholics who are in good standing in the Church, and the Pastor appoints ministers.  Initial training is provided prior to serving, and a schedule for service is distributed.


The music ministers strive to involve every parishioner in worship through the use of liturgical music. The importance of the Ministry of Music magnified greatly since Vatican II promulgated that the entire assembly actively participate in the singing of the liturgy.  Sacred Heart is blessed with many musical groups which provide the music for the weekend Masses.  Please check the cover of the parish bulletin to contact a music group in which to participate.


Lectors, sometimes called readers, proclaim the Word of God at weekday and weekend Masses.  They are trained to help the congregation to better understand the scripture, and to successfully communicate the message to the people in attendance at Mass.   Parishioners who are interested in this ministry should contact the parish office at 405.634.2458.