In 1909, Bishop Theophile Meerschaert purchased land from the Sisters of Mercy. The land was ten lots bordering the Mount and almost directly opposite the Mount's front door.

In 1910, the Bishop decided that there were enough Catholic South of the river to merit the founding of a second parish, Sacred Heart. Accordingly on November 9, 1910, Bishop Meerschaert appointed our first pastor, Fr. J.F. McGuire. The first was celebrated April 11, 1911, in the recreation hall of Mt. St. Mary's. Shortly thereafter, the first building east constructed at Sacred Heart. It was a multi-purpose building that served as both school and church. This building, the first at Sacred Heart, was used on that location until 1919, when it was moved to S. W. 28th. and Shartel where it was used as a school. The new church was on its way! Construction began in the spring of 1920. The building shell was completed in December 1921. The first Mass celebrated within the walls of the present Sacred Heart Church, was the Midnight Mass of 1921, with Fr. John T. Hall as the celebrant.

On January 2, 1922, Bishop Meerschaert performed the solemn dedication of the Church to the service of the living God.