General Information

The teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church and the values of Christian living permeate the school day. This high priority is expresed through worship, prayer, religious education classes, and the general climate of the school.  Sacred Heart Catholic School offers a balanced academic curriculum that includes the following subjects:

◦ religion ◦ liturgy ◦ social studies
◦ science ◦ language arts ◦ computer science
◦ music ◦ math ◦ Spanish
◦ algebra I ◦ keyboards ◦ physical education ◦ art

Sacred Heart Catholic School follows the curriculum provided by the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Office, and is committed to providing appropriate and challenging educational programs to every student.

An education at Sacred Heart Catholic School is a gift that will last a lifetime. The Catholic education, taught in a nurturing environment, makes the return on a Sacred Heart education a priceless investment for a child.